Our services

Prop Care

We maintain your property even after we rent or sell it. Kaypee Prop Care offers best possible utility and maintenance solutions for all properties developed by Kaypee.

The facility includes top-notch property maintenance, high quality repair work, painting, interior solutions and other professional services.

Rent and resale

To ensure your investment brings you continuous happiness, we offer handy rental and resale services. Our rental assistance desk is dedicated to helping our customers rent their apartments. The process is simple and quick. Sign your apartment up for the service and our team will get in touch with you with details of the prospective tenants. Once you confirm a tenant, we go a step further and facilitate registration and documentation formalities, absolutely free of cost.

Resale Services: We know you would absolutely fall in love with your Kaypee home, but if at all you decide to sell it, our Resale Assistance Service is available to help you with the process for free!

“Kaypee forges a long-term relationship with its clients. We don’t just sell property, we also provide best in class after-sale services and property maintenance to all our clients. Invest in our properties and enjoy the Kaypee way of life.”